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Homes and Farms of Northern Illinois, (our original name) was born in January of 1986, the result of the vision of our founder, Maureen Mayfield. Having worked in the real estate publishing industry in the Chicago suburbs since 1977, she moved her family to the DeKalb area in the spring of 1984. At that time the presence of "free to the public" advertising in that area was non-existent. Having observed the trend of people to move west over the years, Ms. Mayfield persuaded her employer at the time to start a magazine in DeKalb County. In 1989, Homes & Farms was part of a buy-out by a national company, which then subsequently discontinued publishing of that entity. Maureen and her husband and partner, Alan Krumlinde assumed ownership and in the next eight years it grew into two flourishing magazines with advertisers all over Northern Illinois.

In November of 2006, Mr Krumlinde passed away. Shortly thereafter Ms. Mayfield incorporated as Homes & Farms Inc. and with the help of Rose Kidd, bookkeeper, Michelle Knodle, graphic designer, and Bill Loster, distribution coordinator, the company began moving forward with this new leadership.

Our Mission

 • To provide effective print media to the Real Estate industry and allied businesses by means of mass "free to the public" distribution in high traffic locations.

 • To provide first rate customer service in all areas, including sales, graphics, distribution, billing, and printing.

 • To create ads for the customer correctly the first time and in a timely fashion.

 • To give our customers the quickest turnaround (time from submission of ads to appearing in the marketplace) of any print media. We are currently at a 3-4 day turnaround in Iowa and one week in Illinois. Bigger book=more time.